Smokie este o formatie muzicala britanica de muzica

rock activa in perioada anilor 1974 – prezent, formata initial din Chris Norman voce si chitara armonica, Pete

Spencer la chitara solo, Terry Utley la chitara bas, si Alan Silsonla baterie .

Initial denumit Yen, apoi Sfinxul si mai tarziu Esenta, trupa a fost formata la St Bede’s scoala gramaticala

de la Heaton, Bradford, Anglia. Smokie a fost compusa initial din Chris Norman (voce/chitara/pian) (Nascut

Christopher Ward Norman pe 25 octombrie 1950, Redcar, Yorkshine), Terry Uttley (bass/voce) (Terence Uttley, 9

iunie 1951,Birkenshaw, Yorkshine), Alan Silson (chitara plumb/voce) (nascut la 21 iunie 1951,

Birkenshaw,Yorkshine) Ron Kelly (nascut Ronald Kelly, 1952).

In esenta traversa mici

cluburi din Bradford precum si acomunitatilor inconjuratoare. La momentul aparitiei trupa a fost formata si

din Ron Kelly si era mult mai tanara decat altelecu patru ani fiind in varsta de doar 13 ani.

In mai 1968, grupul Smokie a fost gasit de un manager in Mark Iordania, care i-a

sfatuit sa redenumeasca grupul in Elizabethans. In toamna lui 1968 Kelly a plecat din grup pentr a-si continua

studiile. In decembrie acelasi an grupul a vazut o prima aparitie la TV la Yorkshine si o prima aparitie in

revista Calendar , publicatie locala de stiri si alte evenimente. In august 1969 grupul mai compune inca doua

pese muzicale pentru postul BBC ce s-au aflat mai tarziu pe albumul „High Jinx”. Cu acest succes de mare

performanta,Iordania dandule dreptul de a inregistra primul record demo tape. In 1970 postul de radio local

manifesta un iteres foate mare pentru aceasta trupa propunandu-le schimbarea numelui in Juramant. La sfarsitul

amului 1970, Dave Eager era dornic de a administra trupa. Ulterior a fost facut un aranjament cu Rory Storm,

care a fost influentat de Mersy Beat si la inceputul lui Beatles.

Smokie –


Pass It Around (1974)

1. Pass It Around

2. Daydreamin’
3. Oh Well Oh Well
4. My Woman
5. It Makes Me

6. Headspin
7. Goin’ Tomorrow
8. I Do Declare

Don’t Turn out Your Light
10. Will You Love Me
11. A Day At The Mother-In_law’s

12. The Coldest Night
13. Shy Guy”

Changing All The Time (1975)

1. Don’t Play Your Rock ‘N’ Roll To Me
2. If You Think You

Know How To Love Me

3. It’s Natural
4. Give It To Me

5. We’re Flyin’ High
6. Changing All The Time
7. Julia

Take Me In
9. Umbrella Day
10. Back To Bradford

Smokie (1976)

1. Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone

Something’s Been Making Me Blue
3. If You Think You Know How To Love Me

Pass It Around
5. I’ll Meet You At Midnight
6. Living Next Door To Alice

7. Changing All The Time
8. Don’t Play Your Rock ‘N’ Roll To Me

9. Back To Bradford
10. Wild Wild Angels

Midnight Cafe (1976)

1. Something’s Making Me Blue
2. Wild Wild Angles
3. Poor Lady

(Midnight Baby)
4. When My Back Was Against The Wall
5. Make Ya Boogie

6. Stranger
7. What Can I Do
8. Little Lucy
9. Going Home

10. I’ll Meet You At Midnight

Bright Lights & Back Alleys (1977)

1. It’s Your Life
2. I Can’t Stay Here Tonight
3. Sunshine

4. Think Of Me (The Lonely One)
5. In The Heat Of The Night

6. Needles And Pins
7. NoOne Could Ever Love You More
8. The Dancer

Baby It’s You
10. Walk Right Back

The Montreux Album (1978)

1. The Girl Can’t Help It
2. Power Of Love
3. No More

4. Mexican Girl
5. You Took Me By Surprise
6. Oh Carol

7. Liverpool Docks
8. Light Up My Life
9. Petesey’s Song

10. For A Few Dollars More

The Other Side Of The Road (1979)

1. The Other Side Of The Road
2. Do To Me
3. Belinda
4. Big

Fat Momma
5. Don’t Take You Love Away This Time
6. London Is Burning

7. Babe It’s Up To You
8. You Don’t Care
9. All Alone
10. I Can’t

Stop Loving You
11. Too Many Pennies In Hell
12. Samantha Elizabeth

13. San Francisco Bay

Solid Ground (1981)

1. Jet

2. I’m In Love With You
3. Everything A Man Could Need

4. My Woman Don’t Like Rock ‘N’ Roll
5. Take Good Care Of My Baby
6. Rock ‘N’

Roll Woman
7. Your Love Is So Good For Me
8. Long Time Coming

Melody Goes On/Songs

Strangers In Paradise (1982)


2. Love Remains A Stranger
3. Falling For You

Yesterday’s Dreams
5. Come On Home
6. Can You Feel My Heartbeat
7. Two

Strangers Falling
8. You’ll Be Lonely Tonight
9. Mirror, Mirror

Now It’s Too Late
11. Long Way From Home
12. Strangers In Paradise

Midnight Delight (1982)

1. Don’t Throw It Away

2. You’re A Lady
3. Winter’s Day
4. Time Of Your Life
5. Number On

My Wall
6. Midnight Delight
7. Time Keeps Turning
8. One More For The

9. Hiding From The Night
10. Warm Nights With You

All Fired Up (1987)

1. My Heart Is True
2. Cry In The Night

3. Hold On For The Night
4. Never Fight Again
5. Rock Away Your Teardrops

6. Second Choice
7. Hold On Tight
8. Only Love Hurts
9. Looking

10. Hot Girls and Summer Nights
11. If You Think You Know How To Love


Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (1989)

1. Boulevard

Of Broken Dreams
2. Falling Apart
3. Think About The Night

Sometimes You Cry
5. Love Take Me Away
6. Moving Mountains
7. Young

8. Stop Rewind
9. Angelina
10. Northern Soul

11. Hears Need Company

Whose Are These Boots? (1990)

Chasing Shadows (1992)

1. Don’t Play That Game With me

You’re so Different Tonight
3. Respect
4. Lyin’ In The Arms Of The One You Love

5. Don’t Stop This Love
6. The Rain Came Down
7. Chasing Shadows

8. One Night In Vienna
9. All My LIFE
10. I’d Die For You

Remember The Days
12. Scream Your Guitar

Burnin’ Ambition


1. Bang Bang
2. Naked Love (Baby Love Me)

Never Turn Your Back On Your Friends
4. Love Sometimes Takes Time
5. Listen To Your

6. Love Is Out Of The Question
7. One More Dance
8. Relying On

9. Surfin’
10. Can’t This Be Love
11. Derry Girl

12. Mariah
13. Naked Love (Disco Fox Version)
14. Destiny

The World And Elsewhere (1995)

1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Rodeo

Have You Ever Seen The Rain
3. Till Hell Frizes Over
4. Rose-A-Lee

Love Like A Rocket
6. Can Be A Heartbreaker Too
7. Coming Home Tonight

8. Love Can Change Your Heart
9. Till You Follow Me
10. Last Train

When The Lightning Strikes
12. Steppin’ On Seashells
13. Where Sorry ‘s Not

14. Tell Me Why
15. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Light A Candle (1996)

1. It Won’t Be Christmas
2. Mary’s

3. Light A Candle
4. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

5. A Spaceman Comes Travelling
6. Silent Night
7. A Winters Tale

8. When A Child Is Born
9. O’ LIittle Town Of Bethlehem
10. O’ Holy Noght

11. White Christmas
12. Away In A Manger
13. O’ Christmas Tree

14. Christmas Isn’t Just For Childree

Wild Horses (1998)

1. Desperate Measures
2. Wrong Reasons
3. And The Night Stood Still

4. She Rides Wild Horses
5. When It’s The Right Time
6. Looking For You

7. Ain’t It Funny How It Works
8. All She Ever Really Wanted
9. No Rest For The

Wounded Heart
10. When The Walls Come Down
11. Goodbye Yesterday’s Heartache

12. If You Think You Know How To Love Me

Uncovered (2000)

1. It Never Rains In Southern California
2. When You Walk In The Room

Arms Of Mary
4. I Swear
5. Darlin’
6. Just When I Needed You Most

7. Still The One
8. Can’t Fight This Feeling
9. Whisky In The Jar

10. Runaway Train
11. I Don’t Wanna Talk About It
12. Who’ll Stop The Rain

13. Drift Away
14. Love Hurts

Uncovered Too (2001)

1. Be My Baby
2. Everytime You Go Away
3. Hungry

4. Garden Party
5. (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight
6. Only You

7. Hungry Eyes
8. Lodi
9. You’re So Vain
10. Sailing

11. I Won’t Back Down
12. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
13. No

Matter What
14. Miss You Nights

On The Wire (2004)

1. Over You
2. Ain’t Gonna Rain
3. Love On A Wire
4. Why

5. Tomorrow
6. Mistral Wind
7. Endless Way
8. Midnight

9. Hot Lovin’
10. A Million Conversations
11. African Nights

12. Broken Hearts
13. Home Is Anywhere You Are
14. Josephine